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Van and driver

Van and driver

30 € / h The driver is not involved in the collection

Van and mover

Van and mover

60 € first hour, then 30 € / 30 min
Driver to assist the customer in carrying

Recycle service

Recycle service

40€/h Recycling service
Pickup service for your unwanted items

«Auto saapui täsmällisesti ja kuljettaja/muuttomies oli ystävällinen, ahkera ja osaava.
Kaikin puolin muutto sujui joustavasti ja nopeasti ja kun seuraavan kerran tarvitsen tämän tyyppistä palvelua tilaan sen teiltä.»

Tom, Helsinki

«Varaus netin kautta helppo, varmistus tuli pian, sovittuun aikaan ovella oli kaksi miestä, auto oli todella siisti, kahdessa tunnissa kantoi kaikki 4.kerroksen kaksiosta, kuljetti Kehä 1 pitkin melkein päästä päähän ja kantoi rivitaloon sisään - 180 euroa ja tyytyväinen asiakas. Suosittelen lämpimästi, en jännittänyt yhtään, että joku menee rikki tai likaiseksi, palvelu on ystävällinen ja joustava.»

Liudmila, Helsinki

«Täydet kympit joka suhteessa. 10plus vielä kuskille/kantajalle. Ehdottomasti suosittelen muillekin ja käytän jatkossakin teidän palveluitanne. Kiitos.»

Pirjo, Vantaa

«Tilasin teidän kauttanne pakettiauton ja kaksi miestä muuttamaan tavaroitani uuteen osoitteeseen. Kaikki sujui todella hyvin, ja haluan antaa siitä kiitosta! Miehet tulivat sovittuna aikana, ja kantoivat huolellisesti tavarani. Koko hommaan meni 40 minuuttia. Olen tyytyväinen asiakas!»

Erika, Espoo

Paku24 is a diverse moving and transportation company

We provide our service mainly in Capital Region, but we also serve elsewhere in Finland if needed.

We serve every day of the year and 24 hours a day.

With long experience, we understand the needs of customers. Moving is a major life change and it’s often stressful. You have to remember to take care of so many things while looking after your child, cat and your spouse who, of course, is tired and is just lying on the couch no matter what. Don’t worry. With our professional skills, long work experience and good tools we will help you to move quickly, safely and in good spirits, without stress.

Whether you are planning to move, take a useless piece of furniture to a Sortti station, bring a new sofa or washing machine from to your home, or have a need for a van and a driver, and movers if necessary, you can rent them from us. We also provide final cleaning up if needed. All this is done easily and overall inexpensively. We also have affordable service packages like: moving from Turku to Helsinki, or from Helsinki to Tampere or vice versa. Moving, for example, from Ivalo to Helsinki is possible even if you don’t have a driving license. Our van driver will pick you up and your belongings at the agreed time and take you to your new home in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa for instance.

In the above case, charge begins when we cross the Capital Region border and ends when the task is completed. Otherwise, in the Capital Region area, charge begins when we arrive on site and ends when you say that the task is completed (or as agreed). So, from Paku24 you get honest service, fair prices and professional drivers. Our customer satisfaction rate is 98%. Unfortunately, we are not always able to manage things perfectly, because we are all human beings and equipment sometimes fail.

A typical situation at the turn of the month is this: our entire crew and all our vehicles are busy. The first customer estimates the time he needs for his move incorrectly, which leads to a delay, leaving next customers to wait a long time. First of all, in this case, we inform our customers about the delay as early as possible and compensate any harm caused by the delay, whether monetary or in some other way, because the customer is everything to us and we are there for you.

So, don’t hesitate and order now.

How does it work?

If you are ordering a van and a driver, movers or recycling service:

Go to the order page and select the service that suits your needs. Inquire our customer service about the availability of that service for the day you wish. After processing, we will confirm your order by SMS and email. It usually takes a few hours, depending on the time and day. We serve 24h a day and we have no holidays. However, we recommend you to order well in advance.